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Looking for a Podiatrist in Cheshire and the North West? Choose Cheshire Laser Podiatry

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Welcome to Cheshire Laser Podiatry, where you can find all your foot care requirements under one roof. Established as a qualified podiatrist for over 30 years, I aim to provide excellent podiatry care and treatments in the comfortable and informal surroundings of my fully equipped Clinic here in Cheadle, servicing the needs of patients throughout Cheshire, Manchester and the North West.
Committed to continuous professional development, I aim to provide the very latest in foot care technologies and practices. From traditional foot care services to cutting edge laser treatments, you will find a podiatry and chiropody service tailored specifically to you with Cheshire Laser Podiatry. The Practice has developed and is an advanced Podiatric Laser Clinic, including Lunula cold laser and Fotona Nd YAG hot laser treatments.  
Verruca before treatment
Verruca after 2 days
Verruca after treatment
Outstanding podiatry service
"My initial phone call to Lianne was my last glimmer of hope after I left a doctor's appointment devastated from being told that my fungal nail infection was something I just had to live with. I had previously had over the counter medications as well as Terbinafine prescribed by the doctor, none of which proved effective. Lianne was hopeful that she could help and I began the laser treatment. My nails are now clear from any infection. After over a year of hiding my feet from family and friends and certainly not showing them in public, I am now looking forward to being able to wear sandals this summer and not worrying about keeping them hidden! Lianne gives great advice for foot care in-between treatments and provided me with a cream and oil to use. She is passionate about her work and I was never made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about my toenails. I cannot thank Lianne enough and would strongly recommend her to anyone with toenail infections. Worth every penny. Thank you!"
- KathB-48

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